Welcome to AbbyCat Comics!

It’s been a long strange journey to this point!  It all began way back in the early 70′s in a small town called Sussex in a far away state called Wisconsin.  “Wee-sconsin” as the locals pronounce it, is a peaceful place that nurtured the creative spirit of the heroes of this story…Scott & Kim.  From the green grass covered hills to the snowy slopes, it is a place of breathtaking beauty and wonder.
The later years found our heroes attending the same high school, yet only one fleeting encounter was theirs to share.  Third-year Chemistry…a class of tumultous ideas and rigid protocols was the flashpoint of what was to be the love of a lifetime.  Though neither knew it’d be two decades before they once again joined forces.

Fast forward twenty years into the future…
While perusing Facebook one day Scott happens upon a name he vaguely recalls from days gone by.  Picturing her flowing tresses and 1000-watt smile he sent a “poke”.

While not against being “poked” every now and again, our heroine took exception to our heroes total lack of effort and proceeded to share these feeling with him in the following manner:
“Poke?  You send a poke?!?  What the hell?!?!” 
This small exchange sparked hours upon hours of conversations, and eventually led to a wedding of amazingly grand proportions and a bouncy castle.    After picking up their roots and placing them down again in the fertile California soil they used their powers for good…opening AbbyCat Comics in Riverside.

Ok, now you know the tale…but do you really know the whole story?
Come in and ask me…I’ll tell ya!!

- Scott