Tables games and RPG/CCG's are a great way to get together and
have an evening of fun with your friends but not always convenient
to host in your own home.

AbbyCat Comics has both a public gaming table room and for those
who crave a little more privacy we also offer a private gaming room.

The public gaming room has two tables and can accomodate groups
of up to five players per table. The room is clean and bright and
refreshments such as Monster Energy Drink, soda, water and candy
are available.

The private gaming room can be rented by the hour or in specially
priced three-hour blocks of time. The private game room has powered
speakers available as it's own sound system, so feel free to bring
your ipod or laptop (uses standard headphone jack connection).

Public Gaming is $2.00/hr or 3-hrs for $5.00

Private Game Room (up to 6 people) is $15.00/hr or 3-hrs for $37.00