The Hidden Heroes Project draws seriously ill children into their own 16 page full color comic book at no cost to them.

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  Each and every day hundreds of children are diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer. The strength, bravery and courage these children show during their short lives and in their darkest hours is amazing. These kids really are heroes in the truest sense of the word.

  The "Hidden Heroes Project" is an idea brought to life by my wife Kim when she found out that the son of a classmate of ours had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and is bravely fighting the most important battle of his short life using the only tools he has...his smile and positive attitude. This touched her heart deeply and the "Hidden Heroes" project was born.

  What is the "Hidden Heroes" project? The HH project is our way of giving a seriously ill child a representation of just what heroes they really are by drawing them into their very own personalized comic book. The child is the main character of their own 16 page professionally drawn full color comic book that features items directly from that child's life and experiences and then they are given 5 copies of the finished comic at absolutely no charge.





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