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Kirk Manley - Fairfield, CT- USA

Kirk Manley is a father, husband, illustrator, graphic designer and hopefully one day a full-time comic book artist. A professed addict of the Halo videogame and anything related to the zombie apocalypse, Kirk’s collection of comic books and action figures is frighteningly large for a man of his age. While Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers is creator-owned, he has in the past had work published by DC Comics, Techno Comics and a number of independent companies.

Jeff Marsick - Fairfield, CT- USA

Jeff Marsick is a former United States Coast Guard officer and chiropractor who now spends his days as a financial analyst. His nights, however, are reserved for writing novels, screenplays and comic books including the creator-owned comics Wendover and Dead Man’s Party. He is also a contributing reviewer to the comic book and pop culture website, Newsarama. While he aspires to one day become a full-fledged Green Lantern, he is content to raise a family in Connecticut.