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Nich Angell - Salisbury, United Kingdom

Nich Angell is a comic book artist and illustrator who arrived in the UK inside a meteor. For 25 years  since then he has devoted his life to learning the kung-fu of comics.

He has worked for the BBC and Titan Comics, as well as having produced countless self published books. Sci-Fi is the air Nich breathes and he loves warp-running quantum-drive spaceships, scantily clad cosmic princesses and robotic laser mysteries. He is now deep in work on 7STRING which will be an epic full colour graphic novel when completed.

Nich Angell also does a lot of one off commission work and graphic and logo design. He has been drawing comics in the small press industry for nearly 7 years and has always enjoyed a great deal of success and rave reviews. His work has expanded in scope and technique starting out with small A5 photocopied B/W books to the full colour work you see here. He truly believes in comics as the best medium for telling stories and loves building worlds and crafting stories.