AbbyCat Comics is a partner with all small indy artists, and as part of this we offer a way for the small indy artist to get their books into a brick and mortar comic book store where they can be looked at, felt, handled…and bought!

We do not take any of the money from sales of your book, one-hundred percent of sales (minus sales tax) are returned to the artist.  But we do require you actually have a physical book that can be sent to us.

Here’s how it works:

1) The artist sends in at their cost six books (at very least, one) and an interesting bio.  A book and the bio are posted up on the wall in our “Hot Ink” section.

2) The remaining books are placed up for sale nearby at the cover price set by the artist.  All money from any sales is returned to the artist.

3) The books and bio are up for at least 60 days and at the end of that time any unsold books and money for books that did sell will be shipped back to the artist at our cost.

4) The book and bio are also posted to our website, twitter feed, blog and facebook page.

Q – What do you get out of selling my book?
A – Nothing at all.  Ok, financially I get nothing.  But being the only store in my area (or sometimes all of the USA) to have the books by these artists gives me an advantage and a unique quality that will draw people into my shop.  I do ask that I can keep one book and your bio for my records.

Q – What do I get out of this?
A – As an artist, you get a ton of free publicity.  Your bio and books are on every social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, the website and a blog).  You also get an additional outlet for your books that doesn’t charge anything for you to sell them.

Q – How do I know I can trust you?
A – It’s all a matter of trust.  I understand you being skeptical…that is why I ask for only 6 copies.  But to keep things fair, you pay to send them in and I will pay to send them back.  But hopefully all I am sending back is a check!  Sometimes life is a leap of faith…

Q – Will you order and PAY for books if mine sell well?
A – Yes, if a book does well, there is a very good chance I will place an order for a few more.

If you have questions about how the Indy Project works…please email me and let’s discuss it!

Send your inquiries to: